brought down the accounting and reconciliation time by 70%

The distributor board of directors appoints a buying group executive to manage the buying group’s day-to-day operations.


Buying group executives are responsible for onboarding manufacturers, negotiating the best possible prices and rebate deals, and ensuring rebates are paid correctly and on schedule. The accounting and reconciliation component becomes tricky for the buying group executives since information needs to be triangulated from several sources.

In the absence of a centralized platform/system for accounting, processing excel-based data takes weeks.

Features’s Rebate Calculation Engine computes the rebates according to the criteria established by manufacturers during setup. The entire process is automated, making it a one-stop-shop for validating and comparing all data.

The dashboard summarizes the information to make it more consumable by the end-user. It also identifies reconciliation issues with a process flow to track the remedies.


Thanks to the calculation engine and dashboard, the buying group executive’s overall time spent on accounting was reduced by 66%.