enabled manufacturers to outperform their sales target by 21%

A consortium of Commercial Plumbing Manufacturers use to create their rebate programs. These manufacturers are affiliated with a buying group and use rebate programs to promote their products to a large number of distributors.


The buying group approaches manufacturers and signs an agreement to promote and sell their products within the buying group. Depending on the size of the buying group, manufacturers have access to 200-1000 distributors.

The independent distributors offer a focused sales channel. Furthermore, manufacturers sell to other national distributors and retailers via various channels, generally at a low price. On the other hand, in a buying group, rebates are paid out provided certain basic thresholds are met. Therefore, this is usually more beneficial for the manufacturers with fewer strings connected.


Hunting List: A list of distributors who have purchased outside the buying group or have previously expressed interest in the manufacturer’s product category. Because of the emphasis on becoming a highly targeted list, this list generally has a high conversion rate.

Analytics Report: This allows the manufacturers to see which goods in the buying group ecosystem are moving quickly, allowing them to tailor their catalog to meet those demands.


After being accepted into the buying group, the manufacturers outperformed their sales targets by 21%.