What’s Rebate.ai?

From Complexity to Clarity for Accelerated Rebate ROI

Rebate.ai is your go-to rebate management system for automating shared rebate processes and identifying mutual revenue opportunities for everyone in your rebate ecosystem – the Buying Group, Member Buyers, and Suppliers.

Fluidity and Automation

Manage multi-product, multi-party, and tiered rebate schemes with automated rebate tracking and analytics.

Standardized Processes

Central product catalogs and standardized rebate to drive deeper sync.

Growth Opportunities

Unlocking elegant, mutually beneficial deals with your preferred partners.

Problems We Solve

Plug-in intelligent rebate analytics insights where they matter.

Rebate Ambiguity

Manual rebate management is often tedious and disconnected, leaving participants unclear about their actual and planned gains. Rebate.ai clarity.

Rebate Under-Utilization

Complicated rebate programs hide shared opportunities for growth, which may never become apparent through manual calculations. Rebate.ai brings visibility.

Lack of Collaboration

Buying groups, buyers, and suppliers have an invaluable ecosystem to grow together, hindered only by legacy rebate management. Rebate.ai fosters collaboration.

Audit Trail Gaps

An audit trail helps all participants trace transactions, resolve disputes, and ensure that revenue grows through rebate as planned. Rebate.ai builds a culture of accountability.

Find out how Rebate.ai is turning rebate management into an exciting pursuit of revenue growth.

Rebate.ai – Simplifying Rebates

Rebate.ai In Action

Developed by Tredence

Tredence Inc., named a ‘Leader’ in Forrester WaveTM Customer Analytics Service Providers report, specializes in advanced analytics services and solutions, enabling last-mile adoption of insights.

Our multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, with their extensive experience and full-stack AI capability, created this go-to rebate management platform to turn rebates into a meaningful revenue driver.

Our Success Stories


Worth of missed opportunity Identified


Increased accuracy of rebate transactions


Error reduction due to process automation


Buying group trade volume brought to the platform


Additional group growth rebate earned by buyers


YoY business growth for suppliers in 2018

Turn Rebates into Revenue Opportunities.