AI-powered Supplier Rebate Management

End-to-end Rebate Management for Suppliers | Electronic Deal Creation | Buyer Hunting List | Trend Analysis - Driving Baseline Growth with Contextual Rebate Insights

Rebates are a key lever in inviting new business and forming lasting relationships with retailers and distributors. With contextual insights and efficient rebate management, suppliers can capture a larger wallet share of member distributors and become their preferred partners.


Electronic Deal Creation
Electronic Deal Creation

Define e-deals at speed and scale with an interactive drag-and-drop UI and an automated deal approval pipeline.

Buyer<br />
Hunting List
Hunting List

Grow your market share within the Buying Group with a hunting list of buyers opting for outside suppliers.

Single-stop<br />
Sales View
Sales View

See a summarized view of all the sales within the group and transform your supplier rebate programs with insights.

Rebate<br />

Combined member ranking based on purchase volumes and buying trend analysis to drive more sales.

Features is helping suppliers raise sales volumes and customer rebate ROIs exponentially by delivering the right deals at the right time to the member buyers of their Buying Group.

Rebate<br />

Keep track of all your rebate activity and get an instant view of how your deals are performing.

Sales Opportunity Automation
Sales Opportunity Automation

Get insider insights about potential sales opportunities within the group’s buyers for your entire product catalog.

Deal<br />

Socialize centralized item level rebates to all buyers as soon as the deal is approved by the Buying Group.

Conversion<br />

Receive automated alerts on additional supplier rebates that may help convert a buyer into a customer.

Reward your buyers with perfect-fit offers and watch your business grow. Explore for suppliers.

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The Advantage

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Consolidated View

Augment rebate management strategies with a transparent view of supplier rebate management process and group sales

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Cloud-based Platform

Scalability for your supplier rebate programs, high-velocity update roll-outs, and improved data security

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AI-powered Engine

Automation, accuracy, and speed
to help suppliers offer a friction-free customer experience

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Auto Data Ingestion

Automated data pipeline
to ingest flat files from your sales ERP to the environment

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Buyer Alignment

A common rebate management system for buying group, buyers & suppliers with shared processes for deeper collaboration

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Extensive Analytics

Advanced analytics engine to offer real-time insights on supplier rebates helping seize rare sales opportunities

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