Rebate.AI: Features of our Rebate Management Platform that Can Maximize Your Rebate Profits

Rebate.AI: Features of our Rebate Management Platform that Can Maximize Your Rebate Profits

Did you know our clients experience a 2-percentage point increase in their rebate earnings using our rebate management solution?

That is, if the average rebate earnings are 8% of purchases, our AI-powered rebate management platform’s advanced capabilities increase that average to 10%.

In simpler terms, if a distributor or a buying group has earned $50 Mn of rebate earnings at an average of 8% of purchases, then for 10%, the total earnings escalate to around $62 Mn.

A whopping $12 Mn additional annualized rebate earnings for a one-time investment to get it set-up for your specific needs plus an annual support fee! That’s a huge return. Isn’t it?

How does rebate management software deliver such huge returns?

Whether you are a distributor, supplier, or buying group member – our rebate management platform equally helps all the stakeholders, unlocking returns across the ecosystem.

Some of the salient features that make our rebate management platform an equal opportunity provider and growth enabler for everyone in the rebate ecosystem are:

1.      Facilitating deal negotiations through e-rebate creation

Electronic creation of rebate programs by an intelligent solution enhances speed and offers transparency of real-time rebate data for all users.

This aids in negotiating better deals faster as all stakeholders have access to live data-driven claims and evidence. The real-time single-pane-of-glass view also eliminates any potential friction between parties.

Speedy, more profitable deals lead to higher returns from the rebate programs.

2.     Enhancing rebate visibility and accessibility

The rebate management system provides complete visibility into the hundreds of vendors, thousands of rebate programs and helps track each of them precisely in near real-time

For example, it identifies opportunities most suitable for each supplier or buying group member and ranks them based on RoI. Hence each stakeholder gets a customized list of opportunities to improve their rebate RoI.

An intelligent rebate management system also ensures the right level of accessibility to all relevant stakeholders, giving them an easy-to-understand, access-rights-compliant overview of rebate programs, processes, and rebate data.

Such enhanced real-time visibility and accessibility equips members with the required data at the right time to carry out their role in the rebate management process with complete credibility.

Hence, each stakeholder is equipped to optimize their strategies and responses to maximize RoI from their rebate programs.

3.     Empowering the right people

The platform empowers buyers and purchasing groups with decision-making intelligence backed by data-driven contextual insights.

For instance, buyers in a particular rebate management program are aware of how the program is doing in terms of metrics such as purchase thresholds. This enables them to act at the right time to keep the program on track.

Since the right people have the necessary data and insights in a standardized, accurate format at the right time – a buying group does not have to struggle with information gaps and can conduct all negotiations for rebate programs, purchases, agreements, switching trading partners, and conversion opportunities in an optimal and compliant manner and make tricky decisions with confidence – ensuring rebate programs deliver the best possible returns.

4.    Providing real-time data analytics

Most home-grown systems that use spreadsheets or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems do not offer real-time data monitoring and analytics capabilities.

The data gathered from these systems lag by at least 4-6 weeks and the insights are not only dated but also basic. Our intelligent rebate management platform provides nearly real-time data tracking, collecting, and curating, and brings sophisticated, contextual insights to the buying group’s fingertips, helping them optimize the process as well as maximize the RoI.

5.    Guaranteeing data quality

Data quality management is the cornerstone of a rebate management platform. When clean, trustworthy data is not available in a single place in easy-to-use formats, it hampers efficiency and leads to incorrect decision-making.

Functionalities like data cleansing, data validation, data ingestion, and data enrichment refine the available data and standardize it to lay a strong foundation for drawing actionable insights. Timely, accurate insights fuel better negotiations and deals, boosting revenue generation capacity.

6.    Assuring data security

Since our platform stores your data on the cloud, your rebate data is safe and secure. There is no data loss due to human omissions and corrections. Unlike the ERP systems, where data has to be streamlined outside and fed into the system, our automated rebate management platform offers end-to-end data handling capability. So, our system offers no room for data leakage and takes complete ownership of data security, offering maximized protection from cyberattacks.

All users can seamlessly collaborate and access real-time data from anywhere, anytime in a secure manner.  In this way, greater accuracy and collaboration improve the quality of deals and rebate programs, boosting RoI.

7.     Building customized forecasting modules

Generally, rebate programs or product performances are predicted based on various factors, like year-end sales, seasons, festivals, or other parameters. Most ERP systems can predict purchases and spending based on predefined, standardized criteria.

But our intelligent rebate management platform can build customized predictions based on each member’s requirements. Depending on every supplier or group’s preferences and historical data, our platform predicts the performance for the year. This functionality helps the members to plan their purchases and negotiations in an optimal manner, to ensure the best possible returns.

AI powers maximized rebate RoI

An intelligent rebate management platform is a necessity in today’s digital landscape.

It goes beyond automation to deliver accurate, speedy and evolved insights that help key members make impactful decisions to maximize rebate earnings on the go – essential in the current fast-paced environment.

Tredence’s is your route to maximum rebate program RoI in the digital era. The solution begins to deliver returns within two months of being adopted. It automates and optimizes rebate processes, and empowers your stakeholders with actionable insights rapidly so they can generate the highest value.

The solution is a single stop for all your rebate requirements. From workflow automation to smart insights, standardizing processes to unlocking growth opportunities, automating rebate tracking to rebate reconciliation, and offering deal comparisons to rebate auditing – is your all-encompassing partner for rebate management success.

Schedule a demo with our experts to understand what more our intelligent platform can offer to manage your rebate proceedings and maximize your earnings.