How distributors can improve their rebate earnings with an efficient rebate management system

How distributors can improve their rebate earnings with an efficient rebate management system

Rebates are crucial in determining the profit or loss percentage for all stakeholders involved in the B2B landscape. Rebates help distributors decide where to invest their purchasing dollars such that every spend enhances profitability.

However, distributors face numerous challenges that impact their cash flow while managing their rebate programs, including:

  • Slow claim approval processes from vendors
  • Infrequent credit settlements by the manufacturers
  • Lack of transparency in approved rebates from suppliers
  • Too many rebate programs to manage efficiently

These reasons drive home the import and need for a distributor-friendly rebate management system.

Drive revenue growth for every dollar invested as a distributor

Leveraging an automated rebate management platform can be a game-changer to empower distributors to capitalize on every conversion opportunity, improve ROI, and manage hundreds of rebate programs simultaneously and efficiently.

Some of the capabilities of Tredence’s AI-powered rebate management platform that can simplify the tedious process of rebate maintenance and tracking are:

  1. Robust rebate calculation engine: Our rebate management platform has a highly functional calculation engine capable of devising, calculating, and monitoring rebates across programs and products. The mechanism can create rebate programs of various degrees of complexity for different distributor segments based on different locations, whether it is corporate clients or locations in the vicinity, or regional, nationwide and international geographies.
  2. Smart data governance: Our automated rebate management system provides insights based on advanced data analytics to leverage customer and product data. Such data handling capabilities enhance the distributor’s decision intelligence, helping negotiate mutually rewarding deals between distributors and suppliers.
  3. RoI ranking algorithm: Our real-time data-driven rebate algorithm ranks rebate programs based on high RoI. Distributors can use this functionality to focus on highlighted programs that offer maximized RoI opportunities and make purchasing decisions accordingly.
  4. Auto rebate notifications: Tredence’s rebate management system is built to notify distributors about rebate performances automatically. This feature eliminates the necessity for distributors to log in to an application to scan through the massive volume of rebates to track their performance.
  5. Payment allocation system: Generally, rebates are offered based on distributor preferences like branches or purchases. Payments to these rebates can be carried out automatically through our easy-to-use payment allocation procedure that structures rebates based on criteria pre-defined by the distributors.
  6. Dispute claiming procedure: If a distributor’s rebate claims contradict the vendor’s rebate summary, distributors can raise a dispute claim, along with supporting documents. Our platform accepts the claims and sends them across to the respective supplier. This process resolves rebate discrepancies in a frictionless manner without affecting stakeholder relationships.

A rebate management system with unique functionalities

Tredence’s is a multi-functional, cloud-enabled, distributor-friendly rebate management platform.

In addition to the above capabilities, can uniquely attribute certain benefits to distributors. It can:

  • Build customized solutions for distributor-specific rebate requirements
  • Accelerate rebate RoI
  • Integrate easily with any of the distributor’s existing rebate management systems to deliver enhanced rebate handling capability
  • Customize the rebate framework to incorporate distributor’s style of handling rebates
  • Allocate rebates based on distributor’s individual preferences like locations or forecasts
  • Track rebate agreements to enable distributors to claim eligible rebates as per agreements
  • Negotiate better Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) that limit distributor cash investments and facilitate quick and increased RoI

Ease the burden of administrative tasks that comes with handling numerous agreements, each holding different sets of terms and conditions.

Rebate optimization metrics exclusively for distributors

Below is a high-level grid view of a rebate optimization metric from our platform. This representation is particularly beneficial for distributors in analyzing their purchasing behavior. The graph tabulates the amount spent by the distributors on one side against the rebate earned on the other.

As the illustration depicts, the more a distributor moves forward, the more he has spent. The higher a distributor scales, the higher his rebate ROI.

Figure 1: High-level grid view of Tredence’s rebate optimization metric

Every distributor is likely to have rebate programs based on branches or business entities in their list. This grid view enables the distributors to track each rebate program individually. It also helps them quickly identify those programs that are high performing and the ones that need attention.

The grid view also allows corporates to understand the distributor’s programs and performance in a single-pane format.

An accelerator for sustained rebate earnings

Improving RoI should not be one of the consequences of a distributor-friendly rebate program. Instead, it should be the primary goal of an efficient rebate management platform.

A trustworthy rebate management system should aim to put more money into a distributor’s pockets and avoid price leakages- Our focuses on that precisely.

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