is Tredence’s commitment to bringing multi-dimensional intelligence and clarity to the convoluted ecosystem of rebates.

As a first, this rebate management platform integrates full-stack AI capabilities to empower deal economies to collaborate seamlessly and grow revenue together with real-time insights.

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It starts with looking at rebate as a team sport where everybody can win.

So, connecting the team players isn’t enough, its important to give them a shared mindspace and intelligence. is groundbreaking in its ability to generate advanced, contextual real-time insights that serve the buying group, its member buyers, and suppliers simultaneously. It enables a fast decision network that in turn, powers a highly dynamic rebate ecosystem.

With, our customers have nurtured tremendous business opportunities inside their business groups and grown into powerful revenue hotspots.

A Cloud-native Rebate Engine is built to evolve quickly and quietly, ensuring that your rebate interactions are always optimized.

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How our Rebate Management Platform works? is an end-to-end rebate management platform, equipped with advanced rebate analytics to deliver real-time, contextual insights to the buying groups, distributors and suppliers. It provides users with a seamless, unified interface that focuses on collaboration, which is critical to their collective growth.

Buying Groups

The rebate management platform functions as a growth engine for buying groups with automated creation, tracking and auditing of rebates, unified product catalogs, and performance insights. This gives them clear visibility into the shared information among the members of the group


Suppliers benefit from’s real-time contextual rebate insights that help them speed up their rebate management process. They can bring real-time transparency into the deals and collaborate with the buyers to drive mutual success with electronic deal creation, buyer hunting list, single-stop sales view and rebate analytics

Buyers helps buyers spot the best-case RoI offers from in-group suppliers. They can automate rebate tracking, deal comparison, access suppliers’ catalogs, see in-group alternatives for external purchases, and track attainment data

“B2B organizations can no longer afford to rely on inflexible and dated methods to manage rebates when trillions of dollars are at stake. With, we want to turn rebate management into an exciting pursuit of revenue growth. The platform brings clarity to the convoluted rebate management ecosystem and helps trading partners forge meaningful relationships and expedite rebate return on investment.“
Naresh Agarwal

Chief Business Officer, Industrial Manufacturing, Tredence Inc.

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